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Máy đo độ cứng ly giấy PN-PCTF

Máy đo độ cứng ly giấy PN-PCTF
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Manufacturer: PNShar
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PN-PCTF Cup Stiffness Tester is a paper cup stiffness tester designed and developed in accordance with national standard GB / T 27590. It is suitable for various types of paper cups containing cold, hot drinks and ice cream with paraffin, polyethylene film and other substances on the surface. It is a necessary physical performance testing instrument for paper cup manufacturing enterprises, food enterprises and quality inspection departments.

The test principle of this instrument: Put the plunger block (5) into the sample cup (3), and place it together with the sample cup on the movable stage (1) of the cup body stiffness tester, so that the left measuring head ( 6) Just touch the side wall of the cup with the right measuring head (2) (the right measuring head is connected to the sensor). Adjust the movable platform so that the vertical distance between the measuring head and the bottom of the cup is about two thirds of the cup height. The cup seam (4) of the paper cup to be tested faces the operator. Start the instrument and test the stiffness of the cup. 

Technical parameter

Power: AC220V 2A50Hz.
Accuracy: ±1%
Indication variation: <1%
Resolution: 0.1N
Measuring range: (1~20)N
Test speed: (50 ± 2.5)mm/min
Measuring heads opposite moving distance: 9.5mm (can be set in the range 3~20mm);
Measuring heads alignment: ≤0.2mm;
Measuring heads distance: 35~110mm
Paper cup Max. height: 180mm
Work environment: Temp.(20±10 )°C relative humidity < 85%
Dimension: (500×2705×340 ) mm(L×W×H)
Net Weight: About 33 kg  

Product features

Adopt new module circuit design with WIFI  function. After networking test results can be saved to the cloud server and query and generate reports through the dedicated QMS quality management system;
One-click operation during the testing process to avoid human error;
Touch screen display sweasy to use;
The relative distance between the two measuring heads can be set in advance on the touch screen saving test time;
Built-in printer for easy output of test data;
The movable platform can be lifted and locked suitable for samples of different heights;
The instrument has the function of over-range alarm;
With statistics function display average maximum minimum standard deviation and coefficient of variation.

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