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Máy đo độ bền nén ly giấy PN-BC300F

Máy đo độ bền nén ly giấy PN-BC300F
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Manufacturer: PNShar
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Mô tả chi tiết

PN-BC300F Paper bowl compression tester is a testing instrument designed by our company to test the crush strength performance of paper bowls, cartons, paper cups and other paper containers according to the latest national standard GB / T 27591. It is mainly applicable to various industrial paper bowls, paper cups and other types of small containers for crush strength and deformation testing, is an ideal tester for paper tube manufacturers, quality inspection agencies and other departments.
The national standard GB / T27591-2011 for paper bowls requires paper bowls to meet the following compressive strength: for paper bowls with a volume ≤ 500 mL, the compressive strength ≥ 300N; for paper bowls with a volume ≥ 500 mL, the compressive strength ≥ 360N.The tester is mechatronic structure, which adopting modern mechanical design concept and microcomputer processing technology for careful and reasonable design. The instrument has an upper pressure plate to move and a lower fixed pressure plate, and the measurement accuracy is high. With powerful data processing functions, the statistical results of various data can be directly obtained and with force curve display function.Ø

Technical parameter

Power supply: (100~240) V AC 2A 50/60Hz;
Accuracy: ±1%;
Indication offset: <1%;
Resolution: 0.1 N;
Measurement range: (25 to 3000) N;
Deformation error: ≤±0.1mm;
Platen area: 200×200mm;
Parallelism of pressure plate: ≤0.1mm;
Working stroke: (5 to 200) mm;
Test speed: (12.5±2.5) mm/min (1~150mm/min can be set);
Return speed: (5 to 150) mm/min;
Display: 7” touch screen;
Printout: Modular integrated thermal printer;
Communication output: RS232 (standard) / USB (optional);
Working environment: indoor temperature (20±10) ° C; relative humidity <85%;
Dimensions: (420 × 420 × 730)mm (length × width × height);
Net weight: about 56kg.

Product features

Adopt new module circuit design with WIFI  function. After networking test results can be saved to a cloud server and query and generate reports through a dedicated QMS quality management system;
Use stepper motor servo control and over-range alarm function to protect precision sensors;  3. With statistical function display average maximum minimum standard deviation and coefficient of variation;
Adopt 24-bit high-precision AD converter (resolution can reach 1 / 10000000) and high-precision load cell to ensure the fastness and accuracy of instrument force data collection;
Real-time display of pressure resistance and deformation curve;  
Can be connected to computer software for software control (control software is sold separately).

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