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Máy đo độ bền uốn 4 điểm PN-4PF500F

Máy đo độ bền uốn 4 điểm PN-4PF500F
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Manufacturer: PNShar
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Mô tả chi tiết

PN-4PF500F 4-Point Bending Stiffness Tester is designed to determines the bending stiffness of corrugated board quickly and accurately according to GB/T 23144 and the international standard ISO 5628.  Bending stiffness refers to the unit resistance moment generated when paper and cardboard are bent under force in the elastic deformation range. The higher bending stiffness makes the cardboard have a certain degree of stiffness and strength, and enhances the carton's ability to resist bulges to enhance the protection of the contents. The main factors affecting the bending stiffness are the thickness of the corrugated cardboard and the tensile strength of the cardboard.

PN-4PF500 4-Point Bending Stiffness Tester allows to measure the maximum force in Nm, determine the quality and the performance of the corrugated board used in the process, perform quality control, development and innovation.

Technical parameter

Power supply: (100 ~ 240) VAC 2A 50 / 60Hz;
Acuracy: ± 1%;
Indication value variability: ≤1%;
Resolution: 0.01N;
Range: (5 ~ 500) N;
Test speed: (1 ~ 400) mm / min;
Work stroke: 400mm;
Specimen width: single corrugated and double corrugated 100mm three corrugated 50mm.
Display: 7〃 color touch screen;
Printout: Thermal printer;
Output: RS232 (standard) / USB (optional);
Environment: Indoor temperature: (20 ± 10) ℃ Relative humidity: <85%;
Dimensions: (490 × 410 × 750) mm (L × W × H);
Net weight: about 45kg.

Product features

Adopt new module circuit design with WIFI  function. After networking test results can be saved to a cloud server and query and generate reports through a dedicated QMS quality management system.
After the test return at high speed to improve test efficiency;
Ball screw transmission structure high transmission efficiency;
Imported stepper motor control and the latest subdivision technology are used to make the instrument accurate positioning fast speed response save test time and improve test efficiency;
With statistical function display average maximum minimum standard deviation and coefficient of variation.

National standard

GB/T 23144 ,ISO 5628 
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