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Máy đo độ bền kéo giấy PN-TT300F

Máy đo độ bền kéo giấy PN-TT300F
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Manufacturer: PNShar
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Mô tả chi tiết

PN-TT300F computer tensile tester is the basic instrument for tensile testing of paper and cardboard. Its performance parameters and technical indicators meet the standards of GB/T 12914 and ISO 1914-2. . The instrument adopts a vertical structure, and the spacing of the clamps can be set within a certain range, and the stretching stroke is large.
  t is widely used in the test of tensile strength, elongation and tensile energy absorption of paper, paperboard, plastic film and other non-metallic materials. It can measure paper tensile force, tensile strength, tensile index, elongation, crack length, tensile energy absorption, tensile energy absorption index, 180° peel strength, heat seal strength, and adhesive peeling of sanitary napkins.
It has two main testing mode: 1. Tesnile strength test; 2.180° Peel strength test.

Technical parameter

Power: AC100~240V 2A  50/60Hz;
Indication variability: <1%;
Resolution:0.1 N(30N typs is 0.01N);
Testing range: (0.3~30)N/(1~100)N/(3~300)N/(5~500)N;
Deformation error: ≤ ±1 mm;
Testing speed: (20±1 ) mm/min((1~500)mm/min can be set);
Back speed: (5~500) mm/min;
Human Machine Interface: 5” color touch screen;
Printout: Modular integrated thermal printer;
Output: RS232 (standard) / USB (optional);
Working environment: indoor temperature (20 ± 10) °C; relative humidity < 85%;
Dimensions: (495 × 355 × 925) mm (length × width × height);
Net Weight: About 53kg.

Product features

Adopt new module circuit design and have WIFI  function. After networking the test results can be saved to the cloud server and the ERP software can be used to query and generate reports.
Display force and deformation in real time
Has a statistical function showing the average maximum minimum standard deviation and coefficient of variation.
Over-range alarm function to protect precision sensors;
Adopt high-speed ARM processor high degree of automation fast data acquisition fully automatic measurement intelligent judgment function safe and reliable;
Adopt 24-bit high-precision AD converter (resolution up to 1 / 10000000) and high-precision load cell to ensure the rapidity and accuracy of instrument force data acquisition;
Touch screen operation more user-friendly simple and convenient;
It can be connected to the stand-alone version software to facilitate data analysis management saving printing and other functions.

National standard

GB/T 12914  ISO1924-2  TAPPI T494  GB/T 2792  GB/T 24328.3  ISO 12625-4

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