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Thiết bị đo độ xốp rổ của giấy emco IAS

Thiết bị đo độ xốp rổ của giấy emco IAS
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Manufacturer: Emco - Germany
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The emco IAS Cockling tester determines the cockling potential which is generated in the drying section of a paper machine.

With climate changes under absence of tension, paper shows cockling which is expressed locally by bubble content and globally by waviness.

Cockling is shown extremely with climate changes from 70 % rH and 23 °C. It works by releasing of the dried tensions between the fibers.

Released bubble content remains, the waviness is reduced with the drying process due to the shrinkage.


  • Measuring surface: 180 mm x 180 mm
  • Optional: climate chamber for determination of cockling potential

Cockling quantities

  • Cockling index
  • Waviness index
  • Bubble content index


Brochure Cockling tester

The cockling index and additional parameters for the waviness and the bubble content are calculated.

Original image




bubble content







  • Quality control for paper manufacturer
  • Control for further processing


Technical data

Dimensions (HxWxL) 600 mm x 410 mm x 440 mm
Weight 25 kg
Sample thickness up to 3 mm
Image size approx. 180 mm x 180 mm
Resolution approx. 72 dpi
Scope of supply device with camera and illumination unit, calibration strip, certificate, frame grabber, software, PC-ware on inquiry

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