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Máy ép nước bề mặt giấy

Máy ép nước bề mặt giấy
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Manufacturer: PTA - CHÂU ÂU
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General Information:
Sheet Press is used for de-watering and pressing of hand sheets produced on sheet former according to TAPPI or SCAN. The sheet press consists of two parallel plates, which are pressed against each other by pneumatic cylinders. Two timers are located on the control module to set the first pressing and second pressing. A drainage in the lower plate allows the liquid to drain out to the back of the sheet press. Front acrylic glass cover is equipped with a safety switch which immediately stops the pressing process. It is used to protect the operators from injury.

Technical Specification
- According to TAPPI T-205, CPPA C.4 and ISO 5269
- Stainless steel construction with painted electric cabinet
- Security cover made of acrylic glass and limit switch
- Pre-pressing and main-pressing times can be controlled independently
- Four air cylinders for equal force distribution
- Channel around the pressure plates allows liquid to drain easily
- Pressure gauges with adjustable knob for controlling the pressing forces
- Emergency stop switch
- Easy to access service area through top cover

Installation Requirements:
- Electrical connection: 230V, 50Hz
- Water connection: Not required
- Compressed air: 400-600 kPa

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