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Máy xeo giấy thử nghiệm bán tự động

Máy xeo giấy thử nghiệm bán tự động
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Manufacturer: PTA - CHÂU ÂU
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The Sheet Former is built upon a warp resistant frame. This robust base holds the sheet forming column and the pneumatic couching device, both located on the left hand side of the waterproof work table. The control panel, including a graphical display with buttons, start and stop button and other important controls, is located on the right hand side. Multiple gauges enable the operator to supervise the pneumatic couching process. The sheet forming process can be performed manually or automatically. Therefore, you can find a manual operation switch next to the touch screen display that allows you to control the individual steps of the sheet forming process by hand.

Technical Specification
- According to ISO 5269/1, TAPPI T205 and SCAN C26
- Sheet forming parts are made of stainless steel
- Automatic and manual sheet forming
- Gravitational dewatering
- Pneumatic couching device
- Standard former column diameter of 159 mm
- Graphical display with buttons
- Sensors for accurate water fillings
- Additional tap for possible white water collection

Installation Requirements:
- Electrical connection: 380Vac
- Water connection: Yes, need drainage
- Compressed air: 400-600 kPa

Cung cấp kèm theo:
- Drying ring 10 pcs
- Drying plate 10 pcs
- Blotting paper 200 pcs 
- Wire mesh 3 pcs

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