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Máy nghiền Hà Lan

Máy nghiền Hà Lan
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Manufacturer: PTA - CHÂU ÂU
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For beating of pulp under standard condition for laboratory purpose.
Standards: ISO 5264/1, TAPPI T-200m & T-205m, SCAN C25

Technical Specification:
- According to TAPPI T-200m & T-205m, ISO 5264/1, SCAN C25
- The laboratory beater is mounted on a stainless steel construction
- The beater tank is made of stainless steel with a volume capacity of 23 liters
- Maximum 360 g of pulp can be beaten within one process
- The rolls with blades are 152 mm wide and having a diameter of 190 – 194 mm.
- The bed knife consists of 7 x 3.2 mm thick stainless steel blades.
- The knife and bed of the beater are designed with tank safety covers in order to ensure safety operation
- Roller speed of 500 rpm with a single phase motor driven system
- Adjustable beating pressure by the mean of lever arms and weights
- Safety cover with electronic safety switch
- Adjustable feet for floor balance compensation
- Emergency switch to protect the operator from mal-functioning
- Separated control box from wet area
- Supplied with one set of Laboratory Valley Beater with one set of lever weights

- Digital Power Consumption Meter for monitoring the beating power per batch
- Digital timer for monitoring the beating time per bath
-  Digital temperature unit with Pt100 temperature sensor, supplied with ISO17025 calibration certificate

Installation Requirements:
-  Electrical connection: 220V, 50Hz
- Water connection: Not required
- Compressed air: Not required

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