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Máy tách sơ sợi bột giấy PN-PL10A

Máy tách sơ sợi bột giấy PN-PL10A
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Manufacturer: PNShar
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    PN-PL10A 5steps Bauer Fiber Classifier is the equipment used for measuring the weight-average fiber length of pulp fiber according to screening method by pulp and paper-making laboratory. This machine conforms to the screening methods stated by GB/T 2678.1-1993, TAPPI T233cm-95 and the Nordic SCAN M6( 10g samples, water flow time 15min, flow rate 10L/min). It can also be used to measure the ratio of different fibers in the pulp.
    This Fiber Classifier includes reducing motor, agitator, water tank, stander, unit switch, timer and flow meter and so on. Water tank is the main device of this machine, the agitator is used to make fibers spread in water sufficiently, do directional movement and parallelly go through screen mesh for separation. Sieving plate prevent water and fibers from rush at screen mesh vertically, and screen mesh is mainly for fiber grading. 

Technical parameter

Classification grades: 5tanks.
Classification container volume: 10L.
The mixing speed:(580±1)r/min .
Strainer mesh: 14 28 48 100 (standard supply)
Flow velocity:0-20L/min(According to the experiment adopted standard adjustment). 
Classification time:0~9999min (According to the experiment adopted standard adjustment). 
Main material:304 Stainless steel
Outer dimentsions: 1400mm(long)×520mm(width)×1400mm(high). 
Instrument weight:150Kg.
Source: continuous water .
Power:380V 50Hz 
Commonly Used Strainer (Tyler meshes) for options: 
Long Fiber: 10mesh 14mesh 28mesh 48mesh.
Middle Fiber (Leaving the Plant Mesh):14mesh28mesh48mesh100mesh.
Short Fiber: 28mesh 48mesh 100mesh 150(200 )mesh.
Diversion plate

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