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Máy chế tạo mẫu dùng đo độ nén sóng giấy PN-MF

Máy chế tạo mẫu dùng đo độ nén sóng giấy PN-MF
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Manufacturer: PNShar
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Mô tả chi tiết

PN-MF Medium Fluter is designed to flutes the paper samples by means of two fluting rolls. Afterwards, the samples are tested in the crush tester for evaluation of the CMT (Corrugating Medium Test) and CCT (Corrugated Crush Test) according to standards: QB/T 1061 and ISO7263. 

Technical parameter

Power supply:  AC220V±10%,10A 50Hz;
Radius of teeth at peak:  1.50+/-0.1mm;
Radius of teeth at base:  2.00+/-0.1mm;
Depth of teeth:  4.75+/-0.05mm;
Standard equipment prepared for “A” Flute;
Working speed:  4.5r/min;
Temperature resolution:  1℃;
Working temperature can be adjusted:  Room temperature to 200℃;
Working pressure:  adjustable in (49-108)N;
Standard working temperature:  (175±8)℃.
Dimension: 530 × 400 ×474mm
Net weight: about 80kg.

Product features

Vertical design simplifies sample feeding
Precise temperature control and adopt PID algorithm fast response and high accuracy.
Gear adopts precise manufacture process.

National standard

QB/T 1061 ISO 7263

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