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Hệ thống kiểm tra giấy tự động (Độ nhẵn Bekk, độ xốp Gurley, độ dày, độ ẩm và định lượng)

Hệ thống kiểm tra giấy tự động (Độ nhẵn Bekk, độ xốp Gurley, độ dày, độ ẩm và định lượng)
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Manufacturer: Emco - Germany
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With the emco PPA paper testing automat it is possible to determine the smoothness according to Bekk, the porosity according to Gurley, the thickness, the moisture and the grammage.

The concept of emco is based on small, compact laboratory testing machines which are optimized for the special requirements of one product group. They offer all advantages of the automated paper testing technique and their use is recommendable for the quality management as well of the paper producer as of the paper converters.

Automated paper testing is the clear trend of the modern quality management.


  • Increase of the power of quality management without additional staff
  • Faster availability of the results of the current production control
  • Pinpoint classification of the test parameters to machine geometry
  • Configuration of the automates for special test features and paper grades
  • Testing of longitudinal and cross profiles as well as testing at the single sheet
  • Customer specific combination of modules for non-destructive paper testing. Currently pssible: grammage, thickness, porosity, smoothness, moisture; in development: gloss, scarredness, sheet formation, whiteness/color, ash content (NIR)
  • Constant information about the equilibrium moisture and condition of the sample
  • Automation of the measurement data acquisition, management and evaluation as well as the integration into existing corporate networks
  • Interactive remote maintenance as well as an all-inclusive-service ensure an availability of 98 %
  • Extremely compact bench-top instruments with minimum space requirement
  • Application of standardized test procedures (DIN, ISO, TAPPI) without required special knowledge of the user



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Technical data

Width of paper 310 ±5 mm
Smoothness acc. to Bekk DIN 53107
Thickness ±1 µm
Porosity acc. to Gurley TAPPI T 460, ISO 5636/5
Grammage 50 up to 400 g/m² ±0.2 g/m²
Climate conditions Paper and surrounding
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1250 mm x 1200 mm x 620 mm (without desk)
Weight approx. 150 kg
Power supply 115/230 V; 60/50 Hz with USV
Air pressure 6 bar, dried and deoiled

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