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Máy đo lực gấp mở thùng carton PN-OPF300F

Máy đo lực gấp mở thùng carton PN-OPF300F
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Manufacturer: PNShar
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Mô tả chi tiết

PN-OP300F box opening force tester is used to detect the maximum force required to open a folded carton and box. This force is important for high-speed automated production lines. Excessive force will cause damage to the carton and box, while too small cannot open the box, which affects the automation packaging efficiency and packaging quality.
    The tester adopts a vertical structure, the clamp spacing can be arbitrarily set within a certain range, the stretching stroke is large, and it is a mechatronic product. It adopts modern mechanical design concepts and ergonomic design guidelines, and uses advanced high-speed ARM processing. The tester is made with careful and reasonable design, and uses a more stylish and convenient touch screen display. It is a new generation of carton and box opening and closing force measuring instrument with novel design, convenient use, excellent performance and beautiful appearance

Technical parameter

Power supply: AC (100~240)V  2A  50/60Hz; 
Indicator error:±1%;
Indication offset: < 1%;
Resolution: 0.01N;
Measure range:  (5~300)N;
Deformation error: ≤±0.1 mm
Clamp angle: 140°;
Working stroke: (20~350)mm;
Testing speed: 1~500mm/min
Back speed: (5~500)mm/min;
Display: 5” color touch screen;
Printer: Thermal printer; 
Output: RS232(Standard)/USB(Optional);
Conditions: Temperature(20±10)℃、Humidity<85%.

Product features

It adopts new module circuit design and has WIFI  function. After networking the test results can be saved to the cloud server which can be queried and generated reports through the dedicated QMS quality management system;
Adopt the design of mechatronics and test with one click
The test speed and clamp distance can be set and it only needs to be set once. The next time you place a sample to test directly;
With data statistics function display average maximum minimum standard deviation and deformation;
Built-in thermal printer can print test report directly after testing a batch of data.
Display information such as joint force and deformation in real time.
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