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Máy đo độ bền chịu nén ống lõi giấy PN-CT500F

Máy đo độ bền chịu nén ống lõi giấy PN-CT500F
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Manufacturer: PNShar
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Mô tả chi tiết

PN-CT500F paper tube compression tester is a testing instrument for the compressive strength of paper tubes designed and developed according to GB / T 22906.9, BB / T0032 and ISO11093.9 standards. It is mainly applicable to various industrial paper tubes and chemical fiber paper tubes. Detection of compressive strength and deformation of small packaging boxes and other types of small containers or honeycomb paper tubes. It is an ideal testing equipment for paper tube manufacturers, quality inspection agencies and other departments.Paper tube compressive strength: the radial pressure per unit length, expressed in kN / m. The inner diameter ≤300mm, the length of the specimen should be 100mm; the inner diameter >300mm, and the length of the specimen should be 300mm.
The instrument has a mechatronic structure. The modern mechanical design concept and microcomputer processing technology are used for careful and reasonable design. The instrument uses a movable upper platen, and a lower fixed platen, which ensures the measurement accuracy is high. With powerful data processing functions, it can directly get the statistical results of various data, with pressure curve display function.

This instrument has three standard operating modes:
1. Compression strength test
2. Fixed value test:
3. Stacking test

    Paper tube compressive strength only use " Compression strength test " mode, enter the test speed and sample length, one-click test, and at the end of the test screen displays the paper tube pressure resistance, deformation and paper tube compressive strength value

Technical parameter

Power supply: (100 ~ 240) VAC 2A 50 / 60Hz;
Accuracy: ± 1%;
Indication variation: <1%;
Resolution: 0.1 N;
Measurement range: (25 to 5000) N;
Deformation error: ≤ ±0. 1 mm;
Platen area: 300 × 300 mm;
Parallelism of pressure plate: ≤0.6mm(platen length*0.2%);
Working stroke: (10~350) mm;
Test speed: (60±1) mm/min (1~150mm / min can be set);
Return speed: (5 to 150) mm / min;
Human-machine interface: 7 ”color touch screen;
Printout: Modular integrated thermal printer;
Output: RS232 (standard) / USB (optional);
Working environment: indoor temperature (20 ± 10) ° C; relative humidity <85%;
Dimensions: (535 × 425 × 805) mm (length × width × height);
Net Weight: About 81 kg.  

Product features

Adopt new module circuit design with WIFI  function. After networking test results can be saved to the cloud server and query and generate reports through dedicated ERP software;
The compression stroke is large and the distance between the pressure plates is up to 350mm;
After the test is completed the high-speed return improves the test efficiency;
Open structure design double lead screw double guide post good parallelism good stability strong rigidity long service life;
Adopt ball screw transmission structure high transmission efficiency;
Imported stepper motor control and the latest subdivision technology are used to make the instrument accurate positioning fast speed response save testing time and improve testing efficiency
It can display pressure and deformation curve graphs real-time display of pressure deformation and other information;
With statistical function display average maximum minimum standard deviation and coefficient of variation;
Optional host computer software can be equipped to facilitate data processing.

National standard

BB/T0032 、GB/T 22906.9 、ISO 11093.9 

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