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emco Dolphin P – Humidity sensor of moisture and climate applications

emco Dolphin P – Humidity sensor of moisture and climate applications
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Manufacturer: Emco - Germany


The emco Dolphin P is a mobile hand-held device for determination of relative moisture and temperature of paper, wood, textiles and other hygroscopic materials. With characteristic moisture curves the absolute water content is calculated and displayed. In addition to that it can be used for automatic climate monitoring of print rooms and paper stores.

The device shows the relation between climate, moisture and paper measuring technique.


  • Very solid hand-held device
  • Quick assimilation (t90 < 10 s)
  • Paper and wood equilibrium moisture content is temperature-compensated
  • Characteristic curves for calculation of the water content
  • Entering of user-defined characteristic curves possible
  • Hold function
  • Manual data logging
  • Automatic data logging for 10.000 values with description of the measuring point
  • PC interface incl. software and optional with printer
  • Determination of the dew point
  • Relative and absolute moisture
  • Automatic climate monitoring
  • Supplier-memory-management


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Technical data

Measuring range - relative humidity 1 - 100 %
Measuring range - temperature -10 °C - 60 °C, 14 °F - 140 °F
Measuring range - dew point -55 °C - 60 °C, -67 °F - 140 °F
Measuring range - absolute humidity 0 g/m³ - 130 g/m³
Resolution - relative humidity 0.1 % rF
Resolution - remperature 0.1 °C
Resolution - dew point 0.1 °C
Resolution - absolute humidity 0.1 g/m³
Exactness of work side calibration - relative humidity ±1.5 % rF (at 25 °C)
Exactness of work side calibration - temperature ±0.4 °C (at 25 °C)
Measurement memory approx. 10000 measurements
Languages menu DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, RU, PT, CS, PL
Auto log time free to choose 3 s - 4 h
Power connection Battery: 4 pieces 1.5 V AA Alkaline




Catalogue and User Manual

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