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emco IAS Scarredness tester

emco IAS Scarredness tester
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Manufacturer: Emco - Germany


The furrows and recesses of papers are called scars.

The scarredness as cause for problems in painting, coating, printing, clogging and laminating has scarcely been investigated and noticed yet as well as its influence on the surface quality.

Scars occur at the production process in the paper machine inter alia as a print of the covers made by wires and felts. Possibly they are shaped decisively by the press of the felts in the press section.

Bigger pores and recesses in the felt result in material accumulation on pressing. Those protrude as pinnacles from the plane of the sheet after the separation from felt and paper surface. By contact with rollers, drying cylinders, calenders etc. under compulsion they are leveled and compacted.

Extreme scars are causes for missing dots and missing dye transfer in the offset.

Scarredness reduces the color transmission. On the decor print the relationship between scarredness and print quality has been proven doubtless.


  • Measuring surface 10 mm x 10 mm or 28 mm x 28 mm
  • Optional vacuum plate to improve the flatness of the paper

Scarredness quantities

  • Scarredness index NI
  • Percenting surface
  • Average scars size
  • Number of scars
  • Roughness index RI


  • Investigation of the relationship between scarredness of the coating base paper and mottling of coated paper
  • Investigation of the relationship between trapping, printability and print uniformity on the one hand and scarredness on the other hand
  • Investigation of the relationship between toner absorption and toner bonding on the one hand and scarredness of photocopying papers on the other hand
  • Investigation of the influence of the scarredness for processes such as coating, clogging, laminating and painting
  • Quality control





Brochure Scarredness Tester


Coated base paper



Base wall nonwoven



Wall nonwoven coated



Corrugated paper



Photocopy paper



Board coated


 Technical data

Dimensions (HxBxT) 410 mm x 360 mm x 470 mm
Weight  15 kg (24 kg) 17 kg (26 kg)
Image size 28 mm x 28 mm 10 mm x 10 mm
Resolution 465 dpi 1300 dpi
Application example decor paper, uncoated board SC paper, newsprint paper
Scope of supply device with camera and illumination unit, all packed in carrying case, calibration strip, certificate, frame grabber, software, PC-ware on inquiry
Available accessory possibility of connection to compressed air for better adjustment of wavy samples (recommended for device with 10 mm image)




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